Next Level, Customizable UC Courses

Why Should I Choose You?

Take your training beyond text book knowledge to real-world, hands-on solutions that are proven for TDM telephony, SIP implementations, Call Control, Voice Mail, Video Conferencing and Basic to Advanced Call Center integrations.

What Makes You Different?

  • n2grate has experience in developing customizable in-person or virtual training for numerous vertical markets including State and Federal Government, DoD, Fortune 500 companies, Education, and Retail space.
  • Your training instructor will be Quad CCIE (R/S, Voice, Security, and Collaboration) with over 18 years experience in the architecture, design, implementation and troubleshooting of Cisco, Mitel, and Avaya Voice/Collaboration solutions. He has developed various training classes for different organizations as well as official course material for Cisco.

What Will I Learn?

  • What CUCM architecture looks like in today’s enterprise (Voice, Video, Collaboration, and messaging)
  • What services are necessary for a successful deployment
  • How to organize and group devices effectively based on the required services i.e grouping faxes, regular phone, video endpoints etc
  • How to configure and manage service and enterprise parameters
  • Creation of basic dialplan and how to manage it on CUCM and voice gateways
  • How to add devices manually, auto-registration, or BAT
  • How to configure class of service to restrict or allow access for callers
  • How to configure QoS for Voice on your network
  • How to configure and use features on your system such as shared lines, DND features, music on hold
  • How to configure and add users to voicemail system

Additional Modules That Can Be Customized?

  • Advance dialplan manipulation such as translations and transformations on CUCM or dialplan manipulation on ISR routers
  • Advanced class of service techniques
  • How to configure and use advanced features such as Extension mobility, Device Mobility, or Unified Mobility
  • How to deploy Hunting features to CUCM
  • Managing and adding users to UCCX system
  • How to deploy and configure Jabber
  • How to deploy Cisco Expressway for Jabber Integration via MRA or how to register a device to Expressway server
  • How to use Basic Multicast Paging system

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